16-1 Sawtry Abbey

The Sawtry Abbey project has been developed to:

- determine the accuracy of drawings made by Inskipp Ladds and ascertain to what extent, if any, they were influenced by his visit to Roche Abbey


- locate buildings/functional spaces commonly expected to be present in the Cistercian abbey model, not included on the Inskip Ladds drawings


- determine the precinct boundary and its construction


- determine whether there are any distinct phases of construction


- determine whether there were any other periods of occupation prior to the Abbey’s foundation or subsequent to its abandonment/destruction


- enable SHS archaeologists to gain proficiency in the use of both the Geoscan Research RM85 Resistance Meter System and PA20 probe array assembly and Geoscan FM256 Fluxgate Gradiometer


- enable SHS archaeologists to gain proficiency in the use of bespoke geophysical data software, specifically; the importing, filtering, interpreting and analysing of survey data


- enable SHS archaeologists to develop geophysical survey procedures for future survey

Inskip-Ladds drawing of Sawtry Abbey

(1913. Transactions of the Cambridgeshire & Huntingdonshire Archaeological Society, 3(8), pp. 295-322)

Generic Cistercian Cloister

(shown in the Medieval manner of east at the top of the page)